Jason Crane

POEM: where I’m loving Brooklyn

where I’m loving Brooklyn “I’m having one of those days where I’m loving Brooklyn so much” we were walking down 5th Ave when she said it, bellies full of sushi noses full of blooming magnolias (we thought the plant on our window sill was a lilac but it wasn’t) “and you” she added, holding my […]

POEM: two turtles on a rock

two turtles on a rock a robin watching, feet just beneath the surface of this little pond in a corner of Prospect Park there’s a fallen-down half-sunken wooden fence overgrown with vines / a newer metal fence keeps everyone this close to nature but no closer the pond has a bend in it but it’s […]

Jason Crane

POEM: kissing you at the bus stop

kissing you at the bus stop the rain had been threatening all day making good on its promise briefly at the bus stop you leaned back against the brick wall on 10th Ave         (“bobby & gabby 4ever”) so I could kiss you / slide my hands through your hair from the nape of your neck […]

Jason Crane

POEM: here is what is here

here is what is here wooden end table used as a temporary desk: gold buddha statue, full lotus position (due to longstanding flirtation with Buddhism) microsoft wireless mouse and keyboard (despite a general distaste for that company) logitech speaker system with subwoofer (because I couldn’t stand not hearing bass) system 76 laptop computer running ubuntu […]

Jason Crane

POEM: skreeks & skronks

skreeks & skronks plectrum scraping against metal wire string theory: indeterminate length you take two bodies & mash their atoms collisions yielding energy / heat / light what if I gave you this & you kept it? one note in the bass arpeggio above we assimilate Italian terms because we have no adequate words to […]

Walt Whitman

POEM: which I should be for you.

which I should be for you. I celebrate myself and, I am assuming that you are you expect, each atomille, which belongs to me if a good is for you. In my heart, and, by inviting Loafe loafen helppoudessani. . . . Summer viewing spear grass. / / / I celebrate myself and, I expected […]

Jason Crane

POEM: monkey mind

monkey mind “Matt, this is Chris.” “Chris, this is Danni. With an ‘i.’” “Danni, this is Nicole.” “I think we met at the book club.” “David, this is Stacy.” “Hi, these are my parents. They’re in         from Sweden.” “We’re here for 20 days.” “C.C., there are no eggs over there.” “Someone go tell C.C. that […]