Jason Crane

POEM: here is what is here

here is what is here

wooden end table used as a temporary desk:
gold buddha statue, full lotus position
(due to longstanding flirtation with Buddhism)
microsoft wireless mouse and keyboard
(despite a general distaste for that company)
logitech speaker system with subwoofer
(because I couldn’t stand not hearing bass)
system 76 laptop computer running ubuntu
(keeping up the very thin veneer of geekdom)
small moleskin notebook under one corner
(the laptop is partly melted and the fan scrapes)
compaq 17-inch flat-screen monitor
(also, the screen of the laptop doesn’t really work)
lamp, probably from target
(I think every lamp I own is from target)

top shelf of short bookshelf for added desk space:
poem “500 Prospect Ave” in 5×8 frame
(given to these folks before I ever thought of moving in)
hp photosmart c3180 all-in-one printer
(it came with every mac a bunch of years back)
the life and times of archy and mehitabel
(have given it as a gift, finally reading it myself)
the essential rumi translated by coleman barks
(because it seems like something I should like)
marantz pmd 660 solid state recorder
(has captured hundreds of voices over the years)
sony mdr-zx100 stereo headphones
(the ones you can buy right near the checkout at best buy)

window overlooking back courtyard:
cilantro plant in a pot on the window sill
(for cooking yummy things with friends and lovers)
used paper towel under the cilantro pot
(which is surprising in this particular apartment)
some sort of pouring utensil, maybe for fondue
(but really it could be for alchemy for all I know)

unemployed 38-year old poet, 30 pounds overweight:
navy blue sweatshirt with “vegan” on the front
(result of a fairly recent conversion of diet)
navy blue sweatpants from tufts university
(result of a fairly recent conversion of dating status)
plaid boxers seen through hole in sweatpants
(result of the aforementioned hole, which is in the crotch)
seven-dollar slippers from Pearl River in SoHo
(because I not-so-secretly long for Japan)

11 April 2012
Brooklyn NY

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