NGS 27

NGS #27 Results – A Full House and a Fantastic Feature

NGS 27

If you were not at Valentine’s last Tuesday night for Nitty Gritty Slam #27, you missed out on an incredible night of poetry and spoken word. The room was packed with students, poets, and even some lucky members of the public who wandered in for happy hour at the bar.

We started the night with the open mic hosted by Mojavi that was filled with many new faces to the local poetry scene; John Kohl, Matt Allegretti and Monica, Sadie “E” Hickman, Sarah Sherman, Brett Petersen, Juliet Barney, Jacky Kirkpatrick, Lauren Darman, Jess Listen2MyWordz, Ashley, Poetyc Visionz, Tasha, Laura, and the mustachioed Drew.

Then came the featured poet of the evening, John Survivor Blake whose poetry was an emotional mix of the struggles he had experienced with a but of humor. John’s powerful performance left the crowd speechless and inspired and ignited a fire in most of the poets in the room.

When the slam began, we had 9 poets signed up and Mojavi served as the sacrificial poet with a very detailed sex poem that some of us are still trying to purge from our minds to calibrate the judges.

Here is how the battle between Avery, Kevin Peterson, Poetyc Visionz, Alyssa Nimon, Dan Wilcox, the returning Rain Dan, Jacky Kirkpatrick,  NGS #26 champ Alex Sherman-Cross, and Daniella Watson panned out for the 27th edition of Nitty Gritty Slam:

Round One:
Avery – 26.9
Kevin Peterson – 27.4
Poetyc Visionz – 28.7
Alyssa Nimon – 26.3
Dan Wilcox – 27.5
Rain Dan – 25.1
Jacky Kirkpatrick – 24.9
Alex Sherman-Cross – 26.2
Daniella Watson – 22.1

Round Two:
Dan Wilcox – 24.1 (Combined 51.6)
Poetyc Visionz – 27.4 (Combined 56.1)
Kevin Peterson – 27.5 (Combined 54.9)
Avery – 26.8 (Combined 53.7)

Round Three:
Kevin Peterson – 27.7
Poetyc Visionz – 28.4

In the end, PV came out on top with Kevin and Avery taking second and third place respectively.

We will be back on Tuesday, October 16 for NGS #28 with featured poets Meg Waldron and Robyn Bateman. You are not going to want to miss these dynamic poets perform at Valentine’s