Carolee Sherwood

stepping around the dead: napowrimo 2



just like yesterday, it’s national poetry month. so it looks like i may be attempting a poem-a-day challenge like this one or this one, as i have in years past. what the hell! i could fail tomorrow, but i’ve failed at bigger challenges. ba-doom-chick. that’s a divorce joke. it’s not really funny, of course, but in the midst of tax season (we owe uncle sam MORE than he’s already claimed) and in the midst of divorce sessions (if i hear the word-pair “marital assets” one more time, i might scream, and if i hear one more time that someone in the room doesn’t believe in “marital assets,” i might make someone else scream), you have to cut me some slack.

friends have been getting me through, which is interesting because one of the prompts for today is “lean on me” by bill withers. well, at least that’s what it is for me. the real prompt is to find out the song that was #1 on the day you were born. so anyway, “lean on me.” i know the song, of course. but in typical carolee fashion what registered was “stand by me,” the movie based on a story by stephen king. and then i couldn’t shake it. i hope i’m not the only one who sees the connection: friends against the world. but there’s something that makes “stand by me” different — a dead body at the core of the story and each boy’s desire to find it and get credit. now you’re talking my language: bodies as pawns. dead things as treasures. and thus today’s draft, which i am too tired to fix. it is bed time. and i only — and just barely – promised myself i’d try.