Carolee Sherwood

Carolee is a painter, mixed media artist and poet living in Southern Rensselaer County, a rural and agricultural area within New York’s Capital Region. She has roots in Northern Maine, where she was born and raised, and in West Virginia, the college “home among the hills” where she received an undergraduate degree in journalism.

expected to mourn: napowrimo 3

today’s prompt from is to write an epithalamium, a wedding poem. today’s prompt for Poetic Asides is to write a poem of apology/non-apology, which is funny because that’s what i ended up doing yesterday. i was probably inspired some by the fire images in jill’s icarus poem. i’ve had an icarus poem brewing for […]

Carolee Sherwood

stepping around the dead: napowrimo 2

POEM REMOVED FOR EDITING /// just like yesterday, it’s national poetry month. so it looks like i may be attempting a poem-a-day challenge like this one or this one, as i have in years past. what the hell! i could fail tomorrow, but i’ve failed at bigger challenges. ba-doom-chick. that’s a divorce joke. it’s not […]

there is joy, yes?

I started poem-a-day for November using the Poetic Asides prompts. My plan was to write one long poem, a section each day based on the prompt for the day. I did very well at first. Writing every day. Posting most days, November 1-16. But I was writing a poem about my separation from my husband, […]