her daring and her hesitate (napowrimo #1-ish)



so it’s national poetry month. typically, i rush head-long into the poem-a-day challenges like this one and this one. but haven’t been sitting down to write much at all. i haven’t been able to write even when i do. and i am nervous about jumping back in. i haven’t been in touch with that part of myself in a long while. so maybe this piece has something to do with that. and maybe it has nothing to do with that at all. :)

i do know i had (at least) a couple things on my mind when i wrote it. these two prompts: write a carpe diem poem and write a communication poem (signals, mixed and otherwise). when i first started writing it, it was going to be about his & hers blossoms, but all of a sudden, the gardener appeared. i blame marge piercy. yesterday, i read her piece on the writer’s almanac that begins gardening is often a measured cruelty.

and the title of the post, in parentheses, is “napowrimo #1-ish” because i’m not really sure if i’m feeling up to a writing challenge. but it would suck to regret on day 8 or something that i hadn’t started. so this first piece is an insurance policy. not fully committed. bah.