expected to mourn: napowrimo 3

today’s prompt from napowrimo.net is to write an epithalamium, a wedding poem. today’s prompt for Poetic Asides is to write a poem of apology/non-apology, which is funny because that’s what i ended up doing yesterday.

i was probably inspired some by the fire images in jill’s icarus poem. i’ve had an icarus poem brewing for a while, but from a very different angle. mine’s about the husband. but i digress — just sharing some bits that may have weaseled their way into this one. oh! and i was also looking out the window after a meeting at work today, looking down upon the trees, decidedly green with leaves.

the photo? it’s got nothing to do with the poem, except that it makes me laugh to think of it side-by-side with a request to write a wedding poem. the boys and i where on a road trip when we stumbled upon a group of men in bennington, vt, who were honing their medieval combat skills. we’re not sure why. perhaps they were fighting over the hand of a curvy redhead or, erm, defending her honor. but again, i digress.

i don’t think this one has come to its ending. i think there are more stanzas that should be written and the weak ones culled out. but i need my rest. long day tomorrow. long, long day.