Albany Poets Week in Review

The second Nitty Gritty Slam happened on Tuesday this week in front of a great crowd at Valentines. This time we were upstairs, battling the bands that were playing under us. Elizag came in first place this time around. We return on Tuesday, October 4 for the next installment of Albany’s brand new poetry slam series.

Coming up this week we return to McGeary’s for the monthly Poets Speak Loud poetry open mic. This month instead of a featured poet we are holding the Celebrity Roast of Don Levy. Host (and Roast Master) Mary Panza has promised a no-holds-barred night of laughs, fun, and of course a little bit of poetry all in honor of our dear friend, Don Levy.

This week we also added some new poetry from upstate poets and a video of Shannon Shoemaker performing “Tongue in Cheek” at last week’s Professor Javas Wide Open Mic.

New Poetry – Carol Graser
Carol Graser has, as many of the poets on the Albany Poets website, been one of the driving forces of poetry in the area for many years. She hosts one of the longest running poetry …

AllOverAlbany interviews Dain Brammage about NGS
Yes, you read that correctly: the wonderful folks at AllOverAlbany interview Dain Brammage about all things slam and the Nitty Gritty Slam. Danielle Furfaro, a former Times Union staff writer who just finished graduate studied …

New Poetry – Mary Panza
We are continuing to add new poetry to the site from the poets that make the upstate poetry and spoken word scene so vibrant. One of the people that really make things happen is Mary …

New Poetry – Marcus Anderson
Poet, Painter, Artist – Marcus Anderson has blessed the Capital Region with his art, both written and visual, for a few years now and we are very glad that he has shared his poetry with …

Video – Shannon Shoemaker at Professor Javas
Shannon Shoemaker, who has made a strong showing at the first two Nitty Gritty Slams, performed “Tongue In Cheek” and a new poem at the Professor Javas Wide Open Mic on September 12.

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