Mary Panza

New Poetry – Mary Panza

Mary Panza

We are continuing to add new poetry to the site from the poets that make the upstate poetry and spoken word scene so vibrant. One of the people that really make things happen is Mary Panza. She has been a major part of the community for over 20 years and continues to balance work, family, and poetry like few can. As Vice President of Albany Poets, Mary has hosted and organized many of the events that we have been involved with over the years including LarkFest, Albany Word Fest, and of course Poets Speak Loud.

Mary Panza has been a mainstay on the Albany Poetry scene since 1988. She has been witness to countless open mics, naked poets, fires, drunks, chapbooks, career changes, organizations (both coming and going), festivals and great poetry and spoken word.

She is Vice President of Albany Poets and host of POETS SPEAK LOUD! a monthly open mic held the last Monday of each month at McGeary’s in Albany.

She was on her way living the rest of her life as a party girl when (at 37) the party really began when she became a mother.

Her work is ever evolving as she tries to figure it all out.

Mary’s new poetry on the site is Two Men Discuss Victor Hugo, Because of You I Believe (Housewife Tuesday), and They Never Warn You About This Age