Four States of Matter by Gabriella

Capital Region: 5th Grade Poetry

Along the Beach by Sara


Women’s Rights

Women not getting paid as much as men is as unreasonable as:

It is as horrible as:

As harsh as:

It is unacceptable like:

Unequal pay is dreadful.

By Sophia



Crazy as a tiger chasing her tail
Sleepy as a bear in winter
Plays as hard as a rhino,
But always with her sister, Mittens
Sleeps with me at night
In the day she roams around or
Finds her favorite spot – a blanket on the living room couch.
If she falls she always lands on her feet.
My one and only Fudge.


How She is Gone

She is gone like the Great
She was like a shooting star,
good when it’s here but as good as gone tomorrow.
She came like a new hope, and a
new beginning.
She left me with tears to fill the
She came back to comfort me,
only to leave…

like Christmas comes and
like a pup who won’t calm
like a dancer who won’t stop
like how she will always be
your best friend…

But she is not coming back.

By Fiona


Women’s Rights

Women not getting paid as much as men is:
-As unfair as not being able to dance
-As terrible as terrorists
-As unkind as a bully snatching the soccer ball from a younger student
-As frightening as a shark attack

Unequal pay is rude and disrespectful

It should be changed!

By Ayla



Red like a raspberry
Glides like an ice skater
Twists and turns like a maze
Racing to his food like a race car speeding to the finish line
Plays hide and seek like a fox
The great life of Fozzy the fish

By MacKenzie



Ocean breeze smells so briny.
Waves sparkle like diamonds.
Seaweed washes up to shore and tickles my toes
like a feather.

I step in the water…
so cold I jump back.
I look down,
I see a shell,
I pick it up –

purple so pretty like a rainbow.

By Olivia



The basketball pounds on the court like a beating heart.
Scoring makes me proud as when my dad loved the Christmas present I gave him.
When my team wins it’s like I got a full scholarship to UConn.
Basketball is tasty like eating Mercato´s pizza with family on a Friday night!

By Sydney



Blocky worlds like smooth Legos
Minecraft is a sandbox game.
You can die and die again
like a cat with nine lives.
Infinite possibilities like a
secret code
But you’re not alone in this new world.
There are Hostile monsters that are
Hunting YOU!!
There are Zombies, Spiders,
and Skeletons.
Creepers explode your house,
even if it is bedrock.
Slimes grab you and squeeze.
Endermen teleport into your house
and you’re gone…

Respawn… try again!

By Sara



sweet as a peach
full of color like a flower
Victoria wears beautiful clothes
and her hair is always awesome.
We sit together at lunch
where she tells funny jokes.
When I open my binder and my journal falls out she is there to help.
Victoria is a really great friend.

By Alexa

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