Four States of Matter by Gabriella

Capital Region: 5th Grade Poetry

Four States of Matter by Gabriella

How Many Ways to Say

Basketball: Sacred Heart vs. St. Johns

The game clock ticks
5, everybody stands
4, everybody cheers
3, I crossover at the three point line – my defender falls
2, I have an open shot
1 I bend my knees and shoot.
I score!
We win!

Everybody jumps
out of their seats
and runs onto the court
to cheer me and my teammates on

My teammates, coaches,
family and friends
are all hugging me,
giving me high fives

I am speechless
tournament champions

By Sydney


My Little Monster

My cat,
Gracella the one and only,
my monster.

She chases down her ice cubes
batting them away
leaving puddles
everywhere on the
kitchen floor.

I’m holding the feather
she flips,
she swings.

Chasing my laser
she slides.

We play all hours of the day
leaving us both out of

I snuggle her at night hoping she
won’t claw me,
as she does when she sleeps.

She purrs,
she stretches.
She’s my,
the one and only, my monster.

By Hannah



Stunting up high
Getting thrown in the air
Caught by my bases
In a count of eight
Land on my feet standing up straight

Tumbling on mats
Backbend – your hands touch the ground
Front Walkover – handstand legs spread apart
Back Walkover – backbend kickover legs apart

Toe Touch – back straight high up in the air
Pike – turn sideways legs together
Always have pointed toes

Coach Jenna calls out a cheer
We all start clapping
We do 7 or 8
Yelling loud, entertaining the crowd!

By Sophia


Those Old Songs

Running through the cobwebby halls in the old workshop
Bizarre black and white cartoons brought to life
Screens flashing like fireflies
Thump, Thump, Thump the ink machine goes trailing tainted ink all over the boarded floors

But you do not know the demon is down below
Those old songs I still sing
For he is the one
who will set us free

By Ava



Halloween was such a fun day
I got my costume on
These are the things I did say…
“Trick or treat, BOO,” and “Thank you.”
I invited my friends but my mom said,
“Only two!!”
I was an elite nerf warrior, with a black vest.
Hayden was a rival nerf warrior,
and Christian was a werewolf.
I got a lot of Milk Duds,
which I hate.
And just so you know,
the fruit punch
was actually BLOOD!!!!
After we went trick or treating,
we finally started eating.
The Kit-Kats were delicious
that I ate.
By then it was way past 8!!!

By Austin


What Topic?

I’m thinking at my desk
I don’t know what to write
Maybe a poem about
Or Mars
Or cars?
Or flies
Do I write about
Star Wars

(I’m thinking, maybe that one)


(I need more, more ideas)

Or – hey
I know what to write
And I just did

By Leah


Halloween Night

I step outside
Cold air brushes my neck
Finally time to go trick or treating
I’m a creepy doll tonight
Scary makeup
Fake blood near my lips
My brother is a zombie football player
Fake blood on him too.
We walk to lots of houses
Say “Trick or Treat” at each one
Bunches of candy are poured in our bags
Till our hands are numb
When we return to our quiet house
We devour some of our delicious treasure
Five pieces that’s the rule!
I love how the chocolate melts in my mouth
So sweet
So good

By Ayla  



Christmas is magical,
colored lights so pretty.
I am hoping Santa brings me a fluffy kitty!
After Thanksgiving we have a tradition,
to go on a mission,
and cut down the family Christmas tree.
We all get picked up, even our heavy Christmas tree… wee!
The tractor rides faster and faster down the hill.

On Christmas morning,
we go to visit my Nana.
We have a festive brunch.
In her house, she is the Santa!
She passes out the presents with holiday cheer.
She cries with joy to see our new family photo every year.

I love Christmas.
We are all together forever.

By Addie



It´s game seven of the World Series,
the Yankees vs. the Dodgers: 5-4.
Bottom of the ninth, bases loaded and two out,
CC Sabathia is getting tired.
And I come in the game.
I have forty-two saves this year, but this is the most important one of all.
Fans are out of their seats, the crowd is going wild.
My mom, my dad, my brother, my grandparents, my aunt and my uncle are all standing.
I smile at them.
I throw my 95 mph fastball high and over the inside part of the plate.
Cody Bellinger takes the pitch.
I throw my changeup.
Cody leans forward and swings right through the pitch.
I’m about to throw my curveball.
It goes off of my fingers coming in high and diving down low.
Cody Bellinger swings and misses.
¨STRIKE 3. YOU´RE OUT !!!!!!!¨
¨The Yankees Win!!!! The Yankees Win!!!!¨ John Sterling screams.

The crowd is jumping up and down shouting, “Mik-ey, Mik-ey, Mik-ey!”
The fans chant, “MVP, MVP, MVP!”

By Mikey


I Remember Austin

I remember I had a beautiful
golden lab named Austin.
I remember when my dad got
Austin at the shelter.
He was four years old and
immediately loved us all.
I remember that he never once bit
even though my other
dogs ganged up on him, and my baby brother pulled on his tail.
I remember he enjoyed walking
with my mom while she
pulled a double a double stroller, and walked two other dogs.
I remember sometimes at night I
would hang out with
Austin and put on my princess dresses, and pretend I was on a date with him.
I remember as the years went by,
he started having trouble
I remember Austin always had a
smile and wagged his tail
even though he was in pain
until that last day when he couldn’t stand up.

I remember I said my goodbye
while crying.
I remember Austin and I will never

By Samantha

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