Four States of Matter by Gabriella

Capital Region: 5th Grade Poetry

Sky and Sea by Kaya

Acrostic Alliteration

Cats and kittens,

Cute and cuddly

Always adorable,

Annoying although


Ticklish, tangled kitten

Took to the tricky

Laser pointer

Sleek, sneaky cat

Up for a Sweet

Midnight snack                                    

By Cheyanne 




Crazy Comet cantering around – he

can’t calm down

Overly excited, obnoxious, oaf who

doesn’t obey anyone

My mischievous dog making my

house a mess

Eats bananas, eager, gets easily

excited, loves everyone, wakes

early, always an effort to educate

Tiny terrior teasing kids – taking bites

out of toes to munch

By Sophia



Alexis is obsessed with analyzing

issues and adjusting them to

annoy me

Lexy lacks time to attack from her

laid out lair

Everyday she interferes by

effortlessly inferring she wins

X extra extreme muscles that can


Instantly she is intentionally


She says solemnly, “Shut your


by Kaya