Four States of Matter by Gabriella

Capital Region: 5th Grade Poetry

Four States of Matter by Gabriella



Love is a big red rose
blossoming as time goes by
The bond growing stronger
with each passing moment
Two hearts coming together
Promises of a forever
happily ever after

By Avery 


Endangered Animals

Endangered animals are kids going to a graveyard at 3:00 a.m.
The white rhino is a prisoner…alone.
Endangered animals are minnows in a swarm of sharks.
Endangered animals are scared and might die because of us.
Endangered animals need our help!

By Hayden



Terrorists are DEMONS out to get you
More dangerous than raging fires
Freight trains without brakes
Coming at you a million miles per hour
Outcasts wherever they go
Dangerous sneaky spies
So if they spot you
call the cops and defend your lives

By Sara



Guns in America is a scary movie.
People are dying.
Guns in America is a broken heart.
Memorials don’t bring them back.
Guns in America is an empty classroom.
What do we need to do to turn on the lights?

By Henry


Global Warming

Dripping, flowing, gushing, streaming
in the heat of light.

Growing, hardening, crystallizing, solidifying in the cold of dark.

The world’s ice is a slow melting candle
whose wax is shrinking our land.

By Lucio



Emily is a beautiful
sweet and kind.
With me
she is a cookie
that is sweet.

By Olivia


Women’s Rights

I, a 10-year-old
cocooned butterfly,
I care as deeply
as the Grand Canyon.
Women are like
ants compared to men.
Men think they can just
step all over us;
treat us like trash.
Maybe before,
but not now.
Now, it’s time to
take a stand.

By Emma


Homeless People

Roaming the street or in a shelter with only a bag or a cart
All they really need is love

Homeless people are strays
Can’t go anywhere but a shelter,
Homeless people are flowers without water
They stay in the cold

Not having a job
Not making enough money
Running away from home
A parent getting sick

Is it too much to ask for… a home?

By Brianna


Global Warming

The planet trapped in its own blanket
The Earth a log
in the red fire
Chemicals mixing into air like oil in water
The careless humans are the monsters
The inventions that help… destroy
The Earth holds us like a mother holds her baby
We need to take care of mother when she is sick

By Leah

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