Jason Crane

Kickstarter: The Return Of The Jazz Session


From 2007-12, The Jazz Session brought you in-depth interviews with jazz musicians. It’s time to bring back the show.

Why do musicians do what they do?

Answering that question was at the heart of the 417 episodes of The Jazz Session that aired from 2007-2012. My guests included Sonny Rollins, Ron Carter, Maria Schneider, John Abercrombie, Robert Glasper, Marian McPartland, Darcy James Argue and hundreds of others. I loved asking questions that got beyond the mechanics and uncovered the passion, the thought, the inspiration behind the music.

Let’s do it again.

So many of you helped me keep the show going in its first five years. Now I’m asking you to help me produce 12 new episodes — one per month for a year. The money raised in this campaign will send me to New York for a week to conduct the interviews, and it will help pay for the production costs and the server space for the show. That server space alone is getting very expensive, given the show’s 2.5 million downloads (and counting).

But let’s do even more.

The centerpiece of each episode will still be an in-depth interview with a jazz musician. But each episode will also have an extra segment. It might be a jazz book or CD recommendation; a short talk with an author or writer about a particular jazz-related topic; or maybe a look behind the scenes at a special event. One thing is for sure: there will be even more jazz info in each and every episode.

You don’t have to wait to hear a new show.

Visit http://thejazzsession.com right now to hear a brand new episode featuring pianist Geoffrey Keezer talking about his new solo piano record. It’s my way of saying “thank you” for your support, and I hope it makes you want even more episodes. And no, this doesn’t count toward the 12 new shows. So really, you’re getting 13.

If you love jazz … if you love music … if you care about documenting history as it happens, please help me bring back The Jazz Session.