William Seaton

William Seaton to Lead Workshop for the Northeast Poetry Center’s College of Poetry

William Seaton

William Seaton will offer a writing workshop titled “What is Poetry?” on Saturday, May 4 from 1:00 until 3:00 pm at the Seligmann Studio, 23 White Oak Drive (across from the SLPAC, formerly the Lycian), Sugar Loaf, New York.  The program is free and open to all.  No preregistration is required.

Seaton will investigate the definition of poetry and suggest how the writer’s theoretical ideas influence individual works.  After establishing some rough boundaries for what we call poetry, the group will consider some works by earlier poets, and finally practice the use of poetic theory as an aid to invention through writing exercises.

Seaton is the author of Spoor of Desire: Selected Poems and Dada Poetry: An Introduction.  He has produced the Poetry on the Loose Reading/Performance Series for almost twenty years and, for the last four years, has headed the Northeast Poetry Center and its College of Poetry.  Every month he posts new articles, mostly literary, on williamseaton.blogspot.com.

Following the workshop, Poetry on the Loose will present Christi Shannon Kline at 3:30 in the same space followed by an open reading.

Seaton’s is one of a series of free open workshops to be offered by the Northeast Poetry Center’s College of Poetry on the first Saturday of every month of 2013.  The College is for the present suspending its eight-week workshops, the Distinguished Visiting Poet program, and the Wawayanda Review.

The next workshop, on June 1, with the title “Gods & Heroes: Poetry as Memoir.” will be led by Cheryl Rice.  Later programs will be led by Teresa Costa, Anne Hanson, and others.

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