2013 Albany Word Fest Online Open Mic – Three Poems From Brian Dorn


We continue the 2013 Albany Word Fest Online Open Mic with three new poems from local poet Brian Dorn. Brian has been coming around to many of the open mics in the area in the past few months and participated in the Haiku Battle this past Tuesday at Valentine’s.


Promoting giant sell-a-thons
Like exchanging stocks and bonds
Wheeling me and schmoozing you
He’s got the hugest catch-phrase too

Combining pure commercialism
With a knack for television
He’s the king of self-promotion
Selling cars is his devotion

Pitching deals with rave and rant
Pursuing every market slant
His business savvy does impress
His rhetoric is pure priceless


Paradox City

Founded on the Hudson
Deserving of a ditty
Gracing the river front
The Capital City

Cultural crossroads
Lined with political garble
Nearly four centuries old
Yet a modern-day marvel

Scale the Corning Tower
Enjoy festivals galore
Tiptoe through the flowers
Take a river boat tour

Visit Quackenbush Square
And the Empire State Plaza
The Egg’s over there
Its design will surely grab ya’

The Capitol is inviting
Architecturally sublime
The Palace will enlighten
Theatric by design

Future friendly
And rooted in history
Uniquely Albany
The paradox city



Someone laid a mammoth Egg
Smack in the center of our city

In fact, its never hatched
It’s just nestled in our pity

Maybe we should spruce it up
Color it for Easter

Adorn it with a festival
Promote some urban fever

Dye the Egg with PAAS
And sprinkle on some glitter

Add a silky ribbon
And watch the skyline twitter

2 thoughts on “2013 Albany Word Fest Online Open Mic – Three Poems From Brian Dorn”

  1. Michael Conner

    all three entries so topical regarding life in and around the capital district….very cool sharing the few venues I’ve happened to be at with him. Nice work, man….

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