Word Fest 2013: A 7 Day Poem – Part 4

4/17/13-Louder than a Bomb-Poem about a documentary style movie about poetry. Some really meta stuff…

I’m partial to the character
Kevin in the film.
I identify with him for some reason.

It is the second time i’ve seen the movie
so it’s ok to show up late, right?

It’s nice to pick up on all the details
you miss the first time around.
the same is true of meeting other human beings.

the movie makes me feel
like i should have started writing earlier.
developing a voice
takes years to do properly
still not sure i’ve done it yet
or that i fully grasp

The point is not the points…
it’s to find that one thing we’re all looking for
“a hug typa hug”.

(credit to one of the poets in the movie for the last line…Lamar, i think.)