writing in a yellow sweater

Three Poems – Denise Garofalo

On its way?

The sun shines warm on my neck
As we survey the yard,
Seeking signs of spring’s arrival.

Trees wear a faint reddish tinge,
That early indicator
Of future buds and leaves.

We study the ground,
Searching for sprouts
Pushing up towards sun and light.

Here and there we see
Light green shoots
Peeking and poking up through the dirt.

We turn to each other
And nod our heads, then
Declare, “Spring is on its way!”


Blossoms Unfolding

A proverbial cornucopia of colors
Explodes across the meadow.

Wildflower blossoms unfolding,
Creating a welcoming rainbow.

Shades of blue, pink, and white,
With pops of red, yellow, purple
Against a backdrop of greens.

Tall, short, and in between,
Large flowers or tiny buds,
Abundant blossoms revealed,
A bountiful feast for the eyes.


Cloud Collisions

From a clear blue sky to one
Rapidly filling with dark, roiling clouds,
The sunny afternoon became

Birds darted quickly
From tree to bush to tree,
As wind grew more

Leaves scattered, squirrels
Raced up trees,
Clouds grew darker and more

Distant lightning flickered,
Thunder edged from faraway
To much closer, echoing its

What makes the noise that
Rattles the windows
And startles us?
Cloud collisions.


Denise Garofalo is a librarian by profession, born in Norwich, NY. She studied at SUNY Albany and has worked in libraries in New York and New England. Currently residing in the beautiful Hudson Valley with her husband and son, working at Mount Saint Mary College and enjoying life. Denise’s published writings are mostly on professional topics, but she does enjoy writing poetry and fiction.