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New Poetry – Kevin Peterson

Kevin Peterson

In preparation of Team Nitty Gritty as the featured poets at the Caffe Lena Open Mic tonight in Saratoga, we are posting the poetry of Kevin Peterson on the website.

Kevin has been a strong part of the local poetry community since last year when he stepped up and took over the hosting duties for the Professor Java’s Wide Open Mic and has been a fixture of the Nitty Gritty Slam since the first slam last September. Since then he has worked with the team at Albany Poets to keep our little part of the world moving along so smoothly.

Here is the “official” Team Nitty Gritty bio for Kevin…

Kevin Peterson is an Albany native and has been writing poetry since the age of 13. His work is observational and people-centric, ingrained with an unfaltering sense of humor and soaked in beer. He is the current host of Professor Java’s Wide Open Mic which takes place the second Monday of each month. He thoroughly enjoys the performative aspects of poetry and can be seen competing regularly at the Nitty Gritty slam the first and third Tuesday of the month at Valentine’s in Albany. He also loves writing brief bios about himself in third person.

But, here is the one that we like better that he sent to us when he was the featured poet at Poets Speak Loud in November 2011…

Kevin Peterson is the epitome of class. His rugged good looks and insatiable appetites have propelled him to the forefront of Albany’s largest poetry community. His timeless charm, irreverent wit and debonair devil-may-care attitude have won him the affection of tens of drunk girls, and the undying respect of his peers and elders. Kevin’s knack for and love of writing is surpassed only by his god-like abdominal region and perpetual tendency to crush any obstacle that is foolish enough to get in his way.

That second  bio seems to be a little more appropriate and accurate. With that in mind, head on over to his page and check out a sampling of Kevin’s great poetry, Alternate Side Street Parking and Deviant Behavior.

Here is a video of Peterson performing Alternate Side Street Parking in Bridgeport, CT this summer.

We also have poetry from Team Nitty Gritty’s Shannon Shoemaker and Elizag on the site to get you ready for tonight’s show in the Spa City.