Shannon Shoemaker

Shannon Shoemaker

Shannon Shoemaker is a single mother as well as an “Out” poet. Shannon lives on a small farm in upstate NY with her family and a host of pets. She has been writing since her preteen days. She began reading at open mics in the Albany NY area about 12 years ago. Since then Shannon has been featured at many of Albanys’ local poetry venues. While Shannon is new to “Slam” poetry, she has been enjoying the challenge of writing for performance as well as the host of new friends she has made along the way. Shannon is grateful To Albany Poets and The Nitty Gritty Slam for their support and encouragement.



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He said when in doubt
Go ahead whip it out
Your Dick…poem that is
But all I got are these tits

So I strap one on
Give the BI girls a chance
Got’em standing in line
For this dick in my pants

I got it
In sizes
In flavors
In colors galore
Got these girls on their knees
Begging for more

Now I walk with a swagger
And I piss standing up
I’m scratching in public
And Driving a truck

I let it hang long
And I tuck it to the side
The girls all stare
When I go by

They love
That I still know how to go down
And I can keep it up…..
All night

I call it “Godzilla”
Give the girls a fright
When I whip it out
They gasp at the sight

Neon baby that’s right
Come to the light

They cum for my fingers
They cum for my tongue
They cum ‘cause I’m a stud
And I’m fucking hung

I got ribbed for her pleasure
Vibrating for mine
A little electrical stimulation
When I throw that switch
I blow their minds

Just like Little Wayne
I make it rain
When I head down town
Forecast calls for wet conditions
And I predict
Slippery admissions

I put out fires
With this hose
Got’em grabbing the headboard
And curling their toes

I make-em shiver
When I probe them with Ice
Some of them like it so much
They ride me twice

So I gotta thank that poet
Dan Wilcox
For his good advice
‘Cause my bed’s been rocking
Every night



This is a true story…
Well sort of
A true story
The names and dates
May have
May not have been
To protect the innocent
Maybe the guilty
Depending on your point of view
Either way
The events almost certainly happened
Just like this

I was lying in bed
Sipping Dragon Stone
From between her legs
I had placed it there
To cool her down

The sweat dripping
From the bottle
Chilling her
Causing goose bumps
To rise
Was having
Just the opposite effect on me
Seems I was heating up
Despite the fan
The alcohol
And the slow
Summer breeze crawl

I doubt a Riesling
Was ever intended
To be used this way
But I was holding it
In my mouth
Before letting it dribble out
Her thighs

I was doing things
With a vibrating ring
Around my tong
Were causing her
To come all undone

She was
Gripping the headboard
While squirming around
Her moans
Drowning out
The thunder
And the
While I was crossing
The boarder
Between pleasure

Questing for ways
To drive her insane
Leave her calling
My name

When we had ridden
Every wave of pleasure
And crashed
Back to shore
I knew
She couldn’t possibly want for more
I crawled
From between her Thighs
I was thinking
To myself
I don’t need to fuck a lot of women
I only need to fuck
One woman
Fuck her right

I never suspected
Would be
Thinking of threatening
My life

She threw her arms
Around my head
“You fucked the drunk right out of me.”
And I laughed

She laughed
She told me
“I had to fuck her for life”
It was kind of
Like a joke
It wasn’t really funny

Kind of scared me a little bit

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