Maxine A. Moncrieffe

Three Poems – Maxine A. Moncrieffe

I AM The Seeds Of Yesterday

I AM the seeds of yesterday
The growth for tomorrow
With the roots of time,
Encompassed within your now.

You know me
Yet, you’ve forgotten me…
As you wonder aimlessly
In the designing of self.

I AM your You…
You are, my Me
Connectively, Tetrising…
We exist.

Symbiotically intertwined,
Energetically aligned
Filling the vast space between
The thens, nows, and whens…

Breathe, listen, feel
As the winds of time,
Blow across the universal plane of relevance …
I AM the seeds of yesterday,
Encompassed within your now.


Have We Forgotten?

There was a time…
When the earth was flush,
As it blushed, with the beauty
Of its existence.

Gia was clean, she dealt with
The mean,
And we loved life, love, and
Marinated in bliss.

Oh my dear Souls…
Have We Forgotten?

We played in the trees,
Floated on the breeze,
And danced happily,
Upon the fresh mornings dew.

The trees spoke,
The flowers never broke,
The joy never would end,
And all animals were our friends

Oh my dear Souls…
Have We Forgotten?

Oh how we danced upon
The sun’s rays,
Leaped-frogged over dandelions,
And soothed the cries of the weeping willows.

We tickled the bellies of the snakes,
Swung joyfully from the scorpions tails,
Helped the bears find honey,
And all was well in the forest of life.

Oh my dear Souls…
Have We Forgotten?

The Once Upon A Times,
That filled nursery rhymes,
We knew how to feel, for my loves,

Those precious times were real.

Oh my, oh my…
Have we forgotten?



We were created from an idea,
To fulfill the purpose at hand.
Sometimes I wonder whose idea were we,
As I giggle with glee of our existence.

The chess game of life, individually played.
Our jobs? Are to exist, be better,
And help those who are about the same.

Moving with persistence,
Enveloped in love and positivity.
Leave those that continue to make negative and toxic choices, refusing to change for the positive, exactly where they are…For you see, fixing them was never the job.

But keep your eyes open, be careful, you might be mistakenly supporting them for years, without any genuine, positive change. For you see,
Cycle Breakers, do things differently, and often are misunderstood.
They dance to the beat, of a rhythm unknown to toxic ears, unfelt by hardened hearts, Lost on dead souls, and forgotten by the distortedly disconnected.

Oh, the undertaking of the Cycle Breakers, who become the deal makers – with things that are good.
We can do better
We can become better
We are better,
Than the old generational shackles, weaved into our DNA, and despite the negative carvings from life.

They say, doing the same things, and expecting change…is Einstein’s definition of insanity…
So, let go of expired connections, on the hamster wheel, that lacked self reflections, as making corrections and adjusting alterations, for the fabrics of inner solace, that adorns our souls…This priceless possession that we share between life and love.

For even amongst the weeds of selfishness, manipulation and greed, a leader must still lead…And we are all leaders of ourselves.
Welcome change, and depart from the strange, negative choices, that
Some continue to make for themselves and others.

It leaves to wonder, if those in hells pit, even remember their mothers.
But lost souls (((shrugging shoulders))),
It’s their jobs are to wander.

Gone are the ties that bind, leaving behind, those that have forgotten the true meaning,
Of MORALS, CHARACTER, & INTEGRITY…while they hide behind & within themselves.

Cycle Breakers?
They marinate in the beauty of existing, and the betterment of mankind.
Take a moment to smell a rose, and just suppose, we remember,
Life & Love are the beauty of being, and Ode to the Cycle Breakers.


Born to Jamaican parents, in Brooklyn, NY – as Maxine A. Moncrieffe aka Maxwanette A Poetess. “Poetry Is In My DNA,” with her Mother being her 1st introduction to Poetry. Maxine wrote her first poem, at the age of 5; a Haiku, and proceeded to write one for her Mother everyday for a month. Thus began her journey down Poetry’s path. Considered the Underdog & homeless in Brooklyn, NY by the age of 11, watching mental illness, and dysfunction destroy her family, and having struggled herself, Maxine decided, that reaching the people through words, were key. So she never stopped writing. No matter the experiences, and worked in areas that allowed her to continue being of service to others.

A part of Maxine Moncrieffe's, life goals are to link Poets, Creatives, Entrepreneurs, and Humanity across the globe by assisting where possible, uplifting, encouraging, and spreading of love and positivity as much as possible. One of her mottos are “Creativity Is Humanity’s Algorithm.” Maxine firmly believes that Humanity is connected through Creativity, which is something we all have. She states, “Creativity is one of the most VITAL connections and bonds we have as human beings, and I feel it connects us all in a way, that can change the world.”

Maxine A. Moncrieffe aka Maxwanette A Poetess, is a current resident of Ulster County, NY, Hurricane Ian survivor (September 2022) Kissimmee, Florida, business owner: P.L.O.T.S.~PROOFING & PROMOTING SERVICES, LLC (aka P.L.O.T.S. PROOF & PROMO SERVICES LLC) (Est. Dallas, Georgia – 2020), dba “Cyber Clerical Associates,” (Est. Kissimmee, FL 2021), a published poet of “Poetry, Language Of The Soul, Volume I.” & “The Poetic Storm, Volume II,” a self-publisher (with Amazon KDP), currently hosting PLOTS Creatives Magazine – The Podcast, operates an online magazine for the Creative Community; {P.L.OT.S.}~Creatives Magazine, and has a 3 clothing-lines at:, and is a member of the following organizations; Arts Mid Hudson, and Mid-Hudson Writer’s Guild. As Maxine assists wherever she goes, she wishes to be a consistent reminder that, everyday we live, is another day to be a better person, and that “We’re All In This Thing Called Life, TOGETHER…Remember?”

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  1. Miss Maxine is an amazing young woman – full of energy!!. I enjoyed her 3 poems. She is also the cutest thing – whata smile ! Well, this old gal also lives in Ulster County and would enjoy meeting Miss Maxine and her team in May , when I am back in the Hudson River Valley. Where can I find you?

    Best regards,

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