Sierra DeMulder

“Turn The Crystal,” an Eight-Week Poetry Workshop with Sierra DeMulder

Turn The Crystal is an eight-week poetry intensive offered three times a year by Sierra DeMulder. Comprised of weekly readings, discussions, prompts, and community feedback, this generative course explores how to effectively write about one reoccurring topic or theme from new, innovative entry points and perspectives. Upon completion, each writer will have developed the foundations of their own themed collection.

Tuition is $32o; those in need may apply for a scholarship or request a payment plan. The Spring session will begin on February 7, 2024. Click here to register.

Turn The Crystal is a course for intermediate writers and advanced beginners who want to produce a themed collection of work. Each week, participants can expect a combination of lecture/discussion, multiple writing prompts, and peer-to-peer workshop for feedback, with additional opportunity for feedback outside of class hours via written critiques from TA Tristan Richards and fellow classmates. While some time will be allotted during class for writing, the majority of poems will be finished throughout the week.

For information on this workshop and more, check out Sierra’s website.