Talha Umer

Two Poems – Talha Umer

Soul’s Enlightenment

A soul wants to be enlightened…
And, soul’s enlightenment is only by wounds.
But he is afraid of deep scars;
that would leave by wounds.
He needs some patience,
to wash the dust of ignorance.
And, he would find every scar;
an enlightenment reward by wounds.


He Dreams

Neither he dreams of heaven,
nor fears of hell.
He dreams of your gleam,
without any greed.
Save his soul from ignorance.
Cause, he lives utterly in negligence.


Talha Umer is a young writer currently living in Abbottabad in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, Pakistan. He writes short poems and strives to express his inner feelings through his writings. Talha has been published in Edge Magazine and often posts his writings on Facebook and Instagram. He is a student of Bachelor of Science in Psychology and has a great affection for music, poetry, and cricket.