“Journaling as a Spiritual Practice” by Anne Samson

Anne SamsonHVWG member Anne Samson announces her book, “Journaling as a Spiritual Practice”.

If you are interested in ​developing a spiritual practice that is guaranteed to enrich your prayer life, increase your gratitude, and help you connect with God’s deep love, here is a book for you! This slim volume will walk with you step by step as you create, develop, and sustain your own Spiritual Journaling practice. 


Designed to help build your practice either alone or in a group setting, it includes writing prompts and meditative exercises that will inspire and lead you to profound realizations of your Creator’s love and care, as well as your own gifts and talents.


This simple yet profound practice has the potential to enable you to identify and align your heart’s desires with God’s hope for your life. And it will help you to be happier and more mindful every day! All you need is a willing spirit, a journal to write in, and a decision to do this for yourself.


About the author:

Anne Samson has taught Journaling as a Spiritual Practice classes and retreats for numerous years, as well as a variety of 12-Step and Energy Healing classes. She is the author of Abba House and Me: Prayer Changes Everything, a history of Abba House of Prayer and her own spiritual memoir of the time she was involved with Abba House, and My Memories: Island Roots, Sailor Dreams, a memoir told to her by her late husband José. She has been in 12-Step Recovery programs for nearly three decades, is a Reiki master teacher and a former special education teacher. Anne is also a freelance magazine writer who has been published in Reiki News and the Grapevine magazines.