Local Author and Writer Updates

We are very happy to share the following announcements from HVWG members and local authors and writers.


Michael Kennedy‘s new children’s book, Gracee’s Gang

“I have a new children’s book, Gracee’s Gang coming out later this fall/early winter. All my books are written to raise funds for a rare genetic disorder I suffer from. You can get complete details at my website; kenbrightkreations.com. I also had a write-up in the Daily Gazette sharing why I started these books.”


Kate McCarroll Moore’s New Collection of Poetry

“Last summer, I was honored to have 2 poems published on the Albany Poets site. Although I live in California, I grew up outside of Albany and have been back to the area twice recently (May & July) to give readings and workshops. My poetry book, Alphapoetica: A Poetry Primer for the Everyday Poet was published in May 2022. I am grateful for my Albany roots, though I now love living in northern California where the sky is always blue, the birds are always singing, and the garden is always beckoning. Poetry matters. Thank you for all your kind support.”


“Jerusalem Architect” by Andrew Edward published

“My short story “Jerusalem Architect” was recently published by Lowestoft Chronicle! So I am letting everyone know.”

Read it now at http://lowestoftchronicle.com/issues/issue51/andrewedwards/


Catch A Fire: Notes of a Native Son by Douglas Taylor

Local poet Douglas Taylor has published his new collection of poems, now available on Amazon.

“A demonstration of crafted expression and the living embodiment of democracy, shown a view of history honestly told as has been witness.”


Hudson Valley Poet J.R. Solonche Has a New Book

When J.R. Solonche published The Five Notebooks of Zhao Li in November of 2021, Kirkus Reviews called it an “intriguing set of philosophical poems…a novel in verse [that] offers a glimpse into the most personal thoughts of a creative thinker.” Filled with more of the wise, witty, profound, silly, thoughtful, thoughtless, koan-like musings, The Lost Notebook of Zhao Li can be considered the sixth and final chapter in the tale of this 75-year-old poet/philosopher, who if asked which one he is, would answer: “Both, but not at the same time.”

Get more information and order your copy on the Dos Madres website.


News from Judy Staber

“I won the non-fiction prize in 2011 for my story “My Baby Docs.” Since then I have been busy writing my second book. “Rise Above It, Darling the story of Joan White Actor, Director, Teacher, Producer, and (sometimes) Mother.” It is a biographical memoir of my late mother who worked in the theater in Great Britain, Canada, and the States for 65 years from 1930 to 1995. She died at the Actors Retirement Home in England just shy of her 90th birthday. My first book was “Silverlands growing up at the Actors’ Orphanage.” This new book is a partner to the first. I have been doing readings: at The Spencertown Academy, at the North Chatham Library, and at The Unicorn Theatre (Berkshire Theatre Group).”


Rhonda Coullet’s Poem “The Long Body of Life”

Tom Corrado recently chose my poem for Rensalaerville Library’s “Poem A Day” in April. It was entitled “The Long Body of Life”. It appeared on Easter Sunday and I was invited along with other contributors and community members to Conklin Hall to read. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to self-publish a collection of 12 poems and Tom assisted me. I am most grateful and plan more.”


“Street People” by David Bookbinder

“I’ve just published two books I began writing in 1975, revived in 1991-1994, when I was in the English Ph.D. program at SUNY Albany, and have finally completed this year.

From 1975-1979, I roamed the streets and subways of Manhattan and Brooklyn with a couple of cameras, a tape recorder, and a steno pad. I began to compile these images and stories into a book I called Street People came close to publication several times, most notably at Scribner’s, where Charles Scribner IV overruled his editorial board and declared, “Such a book should never be published.”

Forty-five years later, it’s done. I called what I was doing “slow journalism.” I chose the right name! “Street People” is on Amazon, along with a companion photo book, “Street People Portfolio.” “


Jim LaBate’s Latest Books Wins Award

Jim LaBate‘s newest book, “Streets of Golfito,” has recently been awarded the 2021 Maria Thomas Fiction Award for novels about the Peace Corps.

” “Streets of Golfito,” focuses on two individuals who meet in Golfito, Costa Rica in 1974. Jim (Diego) is a 22-year-old Peace Corps Volunteer from upstate New York, and he has been assigned to introduce sports other than soccer to the young people.

By contrast, Lilli is a shy, beautiful, 17-year-old Costa Rican girl who wants to learn English and escape her small town, a banana port on the Pacific side near the Panamanian border.

In alternating chapters, the first third of the book shows these two characters growing up in their respective countries. Then, after they meet, Lilli experiences a tragedy that will drastically change her life, and Jim does all he can to help her survive and thrive in her new circumstances.”


Kyle Massa’s Short Story to be Published

“I have a short story being published in the forthcoming anthology “Unidentified Funny Objects 9.” This market has previously published work by authors like George R.R. Martin, Neil Gaiman, and Ken Liu. My story is called “If Pages Could Blush” and it’s about a library where the books are alive (and, in some cases, dangerous). The anthology should be available for purchase sometime in December.”