Colrain Poetry Manuscript Conference

Note from the Founder:

As we are all learning how to negotiate our new reality, I’ve decided to move the Colrain Conferences online for the foreseeable future, starting with the May and July conferences. If necessary, I’ll move the August (Truchas) conference online as well.

I know it’s tough to lose the in-person part of this experience, not to mention the lovely surroundings, but it’s what has to happen right now. The upside is that no one has to travel and we will still be able to see and communicate with each other very effectively.

Here’s how it will work:
1. We’ll be using Zoom, an online application many of us are currently using for teaching and/or business meetings. It’s great because we can all see each other and because it’s very simple to use.
2. We will follow the same format: Introductions on Friday, workshop on Saturday, and session with the editor/publisher on Sunday. On Monday, there will be a wrap-up and discussion of publishing strategy.
3. Since there’s no room and board, the cost for the Classic will be $1,000, for the Intensive, $1,200.

More info here:

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I hope you’ll join us and con