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RANDOM WRITING Poetry Workshops Come To Midtown Kingston In July

On four evenings in July, the Midtown Arts District will be hosting a series of RANDOM WRITING poetry workshops at no charge to participants. The workshops will be held at The (P)optimism Shoppe on Broadway in Kingston, New York.

Cheryl Rice

RANDOM WRITING Poetry Workshops for New or Used Poets, are led by Cheryl A. Rice. The two-hour sessions combine Inspiration, Word Play, Text Maneuvers & Peer Feedback to make poems sharper, brighter and BETTER! Inspiration is provocative prompts, ‘hot-button’ topics drawn from personal experience & unexpected sources– right under our noses! Word Play is dictionary games, classical & modern forms, aural/oral gymnastics! Text Maneuvers is altering the physical material a poem is written on, & being open to what future work might be suggested by resulting accidents! Peer Feedback refines our work in a sensitive, honest group, gives poets perspective on work impossible to obtain working alone!

Poets from 1 to 92 are invited to attend. There will be no censorship of subject matter. The only requirement is the willingness to write and share poems on site. The (P)optimism Shoppe is located at 622 Broadway in midtown Kingston. Workshop dates are July 19, 20, 26 and 27, from 6:00 to 9:00pm.

Kingston’s Midtown Arts District (MAD) is a coalition – of artists, businesses, residents, the City of Kingston, and organizations and groups serving Midtown. MAD is strengthening our local economy – in nearly 200 arts and crafts workrooms, manufacturing sites, showrooms, studios, galleries, video and recording facilities, performance spaces, nonprofit arts programs and artist live/work lofts.

For more information go to http:/MADKingston.org or call 845-339-8686.


Workshops at The Garrison Institute

The Garrison Institute, located on the Hudson River just a few hours from Albany, is presenting two poetry workshops later this year.

Robert Polito and Tina Chang: No Walls Here: Writing and Art along the Edges, Borders, and Margins

September 8-10, 2017

Join acclaimed poet, essayist, and Bob Dylan biographer Robert Polito and Brooklyn Poet Laureate Tina Chang for a transformative weekend exploring new hybrid forms in poetry, literature, and the visual arts.


Robert Polito and Gregory Pardlo: Experimenting with Voice along the Borders of Poetry, Fiction, and Nonfiction

December 15-17, 2017

Robert Polito and the Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Gregory Pardlo lead this innovative poetry workshop on voice and vision in modern writing.