Misfit Magazine 21

Misfit Magazine #21 Now Available

Misfit Magazine 21Misfit Magazine #21 is now available to read at misfitmagazine.net featuring poetry, art, and reviews from John Bennett, Rose Mary Boehm, Wayne F. Burke, Joan Colby, Michael Estabrook, Mike Faran, Tony Gloeggler, Benjamin Goluboff, Rich Ives, Ted Jonathan, Mercedes Lawry, Charles Rammelkamp, Mather Schneider, Domenic Scopa, Claire Scott, Jared Smith, The Poet Spiel, D.E. Steward, David J. Thompson, Paul Tristram, Richard Weaver, Jon Wesick, and Kelley White.

From editor Alan Catlin‘s introduction:

“As I write this, almost mid-way through 2017, the country is in near chaos.  Every day you can read an editorial comment such as: Every political scandal is compared to Watergate and they are never in the same league with that particular debacle. Until now.  Even more alarming, the former head of the NSA appears on CNN and says something to the effect that the president is at war with our system of checks and balances.”