Misfit Magazine Issue No. 33, Fall 2021

Misfit Magazine #33 Now Available

Editor Alan Catlin announces that the 33rd edition of Misfit Magazine is now live online at misfitmagazine.net: Issue No. 33, Fall 2021.

As the Marvel franchise of superheroes expands and fills the movie screens, our streaming TV screens, our video games, the question most asked and commented about these days is, “What’s your superpower?” As the plague soldiers on, as the bar for acceptable social behavior lowers and lowers to microscopic levels, as conspiracy theories of increasingly cynical and outlandish levels prevail, as organizations (Q anyone?) that once would have made headline “news” in the much-lamented former supermarket tabloid, Weekly World News proliferate it has become obvious that the putative leader of one of our political parties has a specific superpower: Stupidity.

Misfit #33 features work from C.D. Bailey, Tohm Bakelas, Ruth Bavetta, Joan Albin Beauprez, Laurie Blauner, Lisa Creech Bledsoe, Rose Mary Boehm, David Boski, Nathaniel Calhoun, Ranney Campbell, Sophia Cannizzarro, Susana H. Case, David Chorlton, G. Conroy, Juliet Cook and Darryl Shupe, Mickey J. Corrigan, Donna Dallas, Jakima Davis, Francine Farina, Scott Ferry, Ayomide Festus, George Freek, David Giannini, Tony Gloeggler, Benjamin Goluboff, Howie Good, John Grey, Dan Grote, Curtis Hayes, Max Heinegg, Tim Hunt, D.R. James, Susan Carroll Jewell, Walt McLaughlin, Leah Mueller, Gary Metras, Lorrie Ness, Cathy Porter, Dan Provost, Wendy Rainey, Cheryl A. Rice, Kevin Ridgeway, Mather Schneider, Claire Scott, slntstrwbrry, The Poet Spiel, D.E. Steward, Marc Swan, John Sweet, Francine Witte, and Mark Young

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