Dawn Marar

Third Thursday Poetry Night Featuring Dawn Marar

Dawn Marar

Local poet Dawn Marar will read from her work at the Social Justice Center, 33 Central Ave., Albany on Thursday, March 16, 2017 at 7:30PM.

Dawn Marar has published short stories, articles, and essays.  Most recently her poem, “Manna from Heaven,” was selected as a finalist in the 2016 Orison Anthology of Fiction & Poetry Awards. She was also winner of the Stephen A. DiBiase Poetry Prize. Her poetry has appeared in Up the River, Tribute to Orpheus 2, and was a finalist in a Chautauqua Literary Journal contest. Her creative nonfiction was nominated for a Pushcart Prize.  Dawn has lived in Jordan and travels extensively. Much of her subject matter has to do with the political from a personal perspective, particularly what is commonly referred to in the ‘West’ as the ‘Middle East;’—and American identity.

A reading by a local or regional poet is held each Third Thursday at the Social Justice Center.  The event includes an open mic for audience members to read.  Sign-up starts at 7:00PM, with the reading beginning at 7:30.  The host of the readings is Albany poet and photographer Dan Wilcox.  The suggested donation is $3.00, which helps support this and other poetry programs of the Poetry Motel Foundation, and the work of the Social Justice Center.  For more information about this event contact Dan Wilcox, 518-482-0262; e-mail:dwlcx@earthlink.net.

The Social Justice Center, founded in 1981, is a non-profit organization working for progressive social change through education, community building and collective action.  The center advances the struggles against racism and for peace and justice.  For further information about the SJC call 518-434-4037.

3 thoughts on “Third Thursday Poetry Night Featuring Dawn Marar”

  1. I am a great-grandmother who has been writing poetry since junior high school, like most poets I assume. I have self-published several books of poetry as well as several rhyming books for children. I enjoy the monthly open mike in Fultonville and am well received there as one of their “house poets”. Most of that event is music and singing. Most of my poetry rhymes and I notice that most people in the “poetry community” write poems that do not rhyme. Some people seem to think that rhyming poems are not “real poetry”. Part of me is excited about the Albany Poets and the great events going on there. Another part of me feels that I won’t fit in and that no one will enjoy my work. The whole point of sharing is to reach an audience that enjoys what is being shared. Should I chance an open mike in Albany, or just stick to being a beloved “house poet” among musicians?

    1. Thom Francis Job

      Thanks Elizabeth for reaching out. The great thing about our poetry community here in the Albany area is that there are so many events going on that there is something for everyone. We have rhyming poets and non-rhyming poets and I consider it all “real poetry”.

      1. Thank you for your input. I met a local poet last June as we were the 2 winners in our local poetry contest and we became friends. I got him started attending the open mic I go to and he started doing other open mics as well. He has done at least 2 of the Albany events several times. He is Rich Jarin… maybe you’ve met him. I will make it a point to have my husband bring me to at least one Albany event in April ( I have been ill this year :()… and perhaps I will find another open mic family where I feel at home and look forward to our get-togethers. I write serious poems and humorous poems and everything in between. I look forward to seeing you soon, and hearing your poetry as well. 🙂

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