Ekphrastic writing workshop starts February 6

Are you a writer with a strong interest in visual art? Or are you an artist wanting to enrich your connection with writing? Learn about ekphrastic writing: writing about another art form; for example, music, dance, or painting. The writing may describe the work, but, more importantly, it seeks to enrich it.

For this online workshop, participants will write about some selected pieces of art using varying approaches in different writing exercises. Once familiar with these approaches, participants will write about a favorite piece of art, their own creation or someone else’s work. The instructor will help participants deepen and enhance their writing with suggestions. Both writers and artists will benefit, as this workshop encourages taking a fresh look at one’s usual creative outlet. 

Instructor: Naomi Beth Wakan

Four Weeks: February 6 to March 5

Fee: $160 

Enrollment Limit: 8

Naomi Beth Wakan is a personal essayist and the Inaugural Poet Laureate of Nanaimo. She has authored over fifty books, most recently, On the Arts, a series of essays on various aspects of creativity based on pieces she has written for Still Point Arts Quarterly. She lives on Gabriola Island in British Columbia, Canada.

TO REGISTER: https://www.shantiarts.co/workshops/workshops_register_wakan_ekphrastic.html