Misfit Magazine #19 Now Available

misfit-19Misfit Magazine #19 is now available to read at misfitmagazine.net featuring poetry, art, and reviews from John Bennett, Laurie Blauner, Brenton Booth, J. J. Campbell, Alan Catlin, Joan Colby, Dawn Cunningham, Mike Faran, Marc Frazier, C.S. Fuqua, Tony Gloeggler, Elaine Handley, Kyle Laws, Mike Okabe, Drew Pisarra, Claire Scott, Arnold Skemer, The Poet Spiel, D.E. Steward, Marc Swan, and Paul Tristram.

“As I write this piece we are engaged in the midst of the most important presidential election, perhaps, in the history of our country.  When historians look back upon it, assuming there are historians in the future and that we have a future, which we may not have, they may well label this the “lesser of two evils” election.  A detailed explanation of the obvious facts, an unpopular, though qualified, Democratic contender who happens to be the first woman running for the highest office in the land versus A Man Without Qualities. I refer you to Robert Musil for a more in depth explanation of what that means beyond the obvious ones.”

Submissions always welcome: it’s the poem, not the name attached to it.