Ian Macks

Two Poems – Ian Macks

Ian Macks is a 22 year old city kid currently residing in Troy, New York. Writing since the age of 8, Ian has written poetry, short stories and essays. On the outside looking in, Ian wraps imagery around everyday life and what it is like to just exist. His chapbook, A Loss and Gain of Comfort, is currently out on Bottlecap Press. He is also graduating this May with a degree in Communications and Psychology minor from SUNY Albany. When he isn’t working or in class, you can find him chilling in nature, walking around the city of Troy, or posted up at a baseball or hockey game.



I want our love to be endless like the sea
In depth and distance
We’re treading water alone
But together
We float underwater

I could swim in your world for days
A momentary oasis
But we’re sinking, right?
Yeah, if you wanna view it that way
But I’ll meet you at the bottom of the ocean floor
And we’ll look up at a sky with ripples and tides



Despite the turbulence
And descent
This crash landing has led me back to
What made me who I am
In the first place

Immersed in the collar city rapids
The realization that this trip has taken me
Farther than I imagined
Rushes over like the water over the rocks
Using what’s underneath
To move forward past the locks

Those who took the keys
Given to them by me
Have gone into hiding
So I’ve taken up forgery
A blacksmith
Forced to be adequate
By the revolving doors that life presents

Sinking into the scenery
The same way that
Eyes and Addictions used
To drown into me
Balancing saintly morals
Among actions of sin
I transcend the melanin
Broadcasted from my skin
No longer forcing strangers to tune in
I commit to the sound
Appreciated by the souls
That stuck around
When heads were low
And the cards were down

Now headed straight
After the Royal Flush
Brace yourself for the storm
Before losing toluch
Because instead of using
Anxiety as a crutch
I’m ready to come up to you
And say “What’s up?”

Don’t be put off by the inclement weather

‘Cause I can show you a view so much better
It’ll leave you wondering whether
The clouds were in
Your head
All Along

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