Roeliff Jansen Community Library

The Write Stuff: A One-Day Writers’ Festival

Roeliff Jansen Community Library

The Write Stuff: A One-Day Writers’ Festival is coming up on Saturday, November 8 at the Roeliff Jansen Community Library in Hillsdale, New York. The day is full of workshops and panels on writing and publishing and will also feature a keynote address from Ellen E.M. Roberts – What Kind of Book Should You Be Writing? How to Choose the Right Form for your Truth and your Art—And Make Money Too!


Conflict and Character: Creating a Short Story
Workshop Leader:  Bobbie Slonevsky
This workshop will focus on the elements of conflict and character representing the beginning and middle of a story.  The format will include brief remarks, examples from literature for each element, and in-group writing from prompts.

Creative Writing for New Writers
Workshop Leader:  Regina Colangelo
This workshop will target the primary building blocks of writing.  Through discussion, examples and in-group writing exercises participants will learn and practice skills every writer needs to tell a good story.

Memoir in Miniature
Workshop Leader:  Laura Didyk
The mini-essay (750 words or less) —also called the micro- or flash essay—is quickly emerging as a respected and powerful genre in contemporary literature.  Focusing on true stories from our own lives, we will explore how to sustain, from beginning to end, the quiet urgency that is a hallmark of the short-short form.

Narrative Voice in Fiction
Workshop Leader:  Wesley Brown
The participants in the workshop will be given brief examples of first and third person narrative voices.  This will be followed by a writing exercise in which participants will be asked to write a paragraph in each one of the narrative voices.  The writing exercise will include discussion with the entire group.

The Six Rules for Writing Non-Fiction that Sells
Workshop Leader:  Janet Spencer King
While there are many types of non-fiction, the rules are the same whatever the genre:

  • Choose the subject that’s right—and right for you
  • Know your audience
  • Find your hook
  • Write a proposal (even if you are self-publishing)
  • Incorporate your voice/personality in your writing
  • Keep your writing lively

Attendees will present subjects they are writing about or considering; who they perceive as their audience and how that affects the writing process; and the take-away message of their story.

The Creative Process
Workshop Leader:  Dara Lurie
Each participant will be asked to share one story or experience – whether fictional or lived– that has made a lasting impression.  Then, working with the chosen story or experience, will move through an exploration sequence using guided writing & visualization exercises to uncover and develop the hidden levels of that story.


Getting Published, Including Self Publishing

BYOL (Bring your own lunch) or order and pay: The Front Porch 518-329-FOOD 3663. Beverages will be available with a wine and cheese networking session at the end of the festival.

Registration Required!   For registration and additional information visit:

Program generously supported by The Hudson Valley Writers’ Guild and is funded in part by Poets & Writers, Inc., with public funds from the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature.