Word Fest 2013: A 7 Day Poem – Part 2

4/15/13-Poets Against Fracking

So I will admit, I was a bit skeptical going into this one. I am typically very apolitical, anyone starting with an agenda tends to turn me off. Gave it a shot, had a fine evening. This was the result…

“It was an intimate reading”
is the polite way of saying
not that many people showed up.

for the cause
the purpose
the spiel

It’s hard enough
to get others to listen/care
when you don’t begin with a long winded story
about people they have never met.

What are you hippies
so up in arms about?
Who wouldn’t want reduced
gas or heating prices?

The best way to get people
to support your cause
is to take a militant stance
and then to express that stance
in a poem that you read too fast.
trust me.

compromise is for pussies.
the cycles of the earth
will repeat ceaselessly
regardless of or because of
human(s) (in)action.

Oil spills are definitely bad though.
everyone loves a cute seal
just not if it’s all black.

An Italian poet
reading an abstract piece
about Maine
in a foreign language
was far more moving
than any of the ones
actually understood.
Sucker for an accent.

It is a celebration of the land
of the soil
dust to dust.

Last reader of the night:
first piece actually about fracking

pipes and pumps and gas.

it does sound somewhat dirty…
don’t drink the water
or the kool-aid
Do your own research
and form your own opinions.

Blindly following doesn’t always
work out so great.

(Credit to Dan Wilcox for the quote at the beginning)





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