NGS #32 Results – An Open Slam With Some Influence


Last week at Valentine’s we had a another packed house for poetry and spoken word (and of course our featured poet Influence all the way from Connecticut).  This was also the night where we reset the Season Two scores and held an Open Slam. By the end of the night and for the second slam in a row the winner and the second place poets scores were just 1/10 of a point difference. Algorhythm squeezed right by Daniella Watson for the big win.

Before the featured poet and the slam we held the open mic which once again saw a lot of great, local talent and a couple new faces stepping on stage for the first time at NGS. Host Mojavi welcomed Algorhythm, Alyssa Niman, Poetyc Visionz, FantastiqueDaniella Watson, Jess Listen2MyWordz, the rapping Truth, Kevin Peterson, D. Colin, Taylor Merrihew, Alex, Thom Francis, Mary Panza (with a special edition of Housewife Tuesday and birthday cupcakes), and Christopher The Poet all up to the mic for this celebration of the art and creativity of upstate New York.

We then moved on to the slam. This was the 32nd installment of the Nitty Gritty Slam series and what a great slam it was. Everyone brought their A-game and

Round One:

Alyssa – 25.3
Christopher The Poet – 28.0
Kevin Peterson – 24.4
First Thought – 25.9
Fantastique – 25.4
Daniella Watson – 28.9
Poetyc Visionz – 28.1
Algorhythm – 29.3

Round Two:

Algorhythm – 28.8 (Combined 58.1)
Poetyc Visionz – 28.3 (Combined 56.4)
Daniella Watson – 29.8 *(Combined 58.7)
Christopher The Poet – 29.2 (COmbined 57.2)

Round Three:

Daniella Watson – 29.2
Algorhythm – 29.3

In the end it was Algorhythm winning by 1/10th of a point and taking home the grand prize, 5 points to kick things off, and a NGS t-shirt.

Join us as we gather again on Tuesday, December 18 for the second WOWps Prelim at Valentine’s where we will find out who will be joining D. Colin and Elizag at the WOWps finals.