Finishing Line Press Poets

Poetry in Copake on Friday, September 21

Finishing Line Press Poets

Local area poets Cecele Kraus (Tuscaloosa Bypass), Mimi Moriarty (Sibling Reverie, War Psalm), Linda Sonia Miller (Something Worth Diving For), and Jan Tramontano (Paternal Nocturnewill) will be reading from chapbooks recently published by Finishing Line Press on Friday, September 21 at 7:00PM at the Roeliff Jansen Community Library (9091 Rte 22, Copake, NY 12516).

These four poets last got together and read at the Pine Hollow Arboretum in Slingerlands in May. Dan Wilcox was on hand and wrote about the reading that also included Frank R. Desiderio CSP who co-wrote Sibling Reverie with his sister, Mimi Moriarty.

Each of these women are accomplished and well published poets.  Cecele’s Kraus’ poems have appeared in various journals, and in two chapbook anthologies. Linda Miller’s work has appeared in Aries, South Boston Literary Review, and The New York Times. Jan Tramontano just released a new novel, Standing at the Corner of Lost and Found.

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