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Nancy Klepsch

We are proud to add long time poet / artist / educator Nancy Klepsch to the Albany Poets website and we keep asking ourselves, “what took so long?” Nancy has been involved in the area poetry community for over 20 years now and currently co-hosts an open mic for poetry and prose in Troy with Dan Wilcox.

Nancy Klepsch’s recent work has been in the form of poetry installations, including “Best Wishes,” a site-specific installation printed on the rubber part of the baggage carousel at Albany International Airport.  A spoken word installation, “about this building,” was printed on 12, 2’ X 3’ vinyl banners and mounted on the exterior façade of an abandoned building in her neighborhood in Troy, NY, and her poem “Letter to a prison guard from a teacher” was installed on an 8’ X 10’ teacher’s blackboard in the Arts Center as part of its exhibit called “Day Job.”   Under the direction of Sharon Bates, “Words in Transit” was Klepsch’s first “text as art” collaboration, a site-specific installation of spoken words by a diverse group of regional poets in various locations throughout Albany International Airport. Her first baggage carousel installation was a part of it.

Go to her page and read her work (TroyB.B.’s in the HouseA Handsome Woman, and The Woman Speaks of This River) and you will be asking too, “what took so long?”

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