Mojavi at UGT

Urban Guerrilla Theatre presents Erotique Noire: "50 Shades of Gray", July 20

This has become an annual event, the Erotique Noire night of sex spoken word & music at UGT at The Linda, so of course I had to drop in. Mojavi & Lady T served as our hosts/madams, warning “what says here stays here.”

As in the past the performances were dominated by the women, not to say there weren’t some guys attempting to represent our gender, it’s just that the women seemed to, well, carry the message better, even when men (in the the women’s experiences) were somewhat lacking or not quite what they had in mind. Of course, that’s what it’s all about then, isn’t it, in the mind?

So while Carlos Garcia read a piece about a promise of pussy tonight, a hymn to oral sex, Jess wanted her lover to look for — more, find — it “in my pink” (like Kat So Poetic‘s piece “for the ladies?).

Jai Simone massaged the mic to get her message to us about a 3-way, & then a gentle poem about deep sex. But after her the (alleged) comic introduced as “I Am Sex” lamented about the UGT price of admission, “For $20 I expect a real blow job.” I’d rather be sweet-talked than harangued, wouldn’t you?

The infamous Naughty Poetry teased us early on with “Good Morning Sex” & Tenesha Smith taunted us with “Indecision” while later Alicia Ortiz told us a story of sex, & Bklyn Shay was, well, Bklyn (Sexy) Shay.

This account is just a tease because there was lots more. But like the ads say, you got to be there. UGT is each month at WAMC’s Linda Auditorium each month & if you’re lucky some of these same performers will regale, better, titillate but you will have to wait until next year for another Erotique Noire.