PV, Dain, and Shannon

Nitty Gritty Slam #15, April 3

It was such a slow crowd growing — who knew if we’d have enough for the Slam, let alone judges (always a problem), but the folks kept on coming in (while even Mojavi the open mic host was late). But AlbanyPoets Thom (el presidente) Francis took over the mic & read a one of his poems (“Gone”) then a long piece by Henry Rollins.

By that time Mojavi arrived & introduced mini-Dain “Nervous Cow” (aka Dustin) who did the self-assertive piece “Power of Voice.” Jess-Listen-to-my-Voice (Layton) did a new, not-sexy piece about violence on the street, “Nameless.” Mojavi read a childhood memoir written in response to Nester’s memoir pieces, but he wasn’t here tonight.

The Coin Flip

Now the Slam became a 5-4-2 event, with a couple of name changes (“Poetyc Visionz” became “Ghost Writer”, or Gnost Writer, & ILLiptical became “The Brock Wizard”). But with me in the mix you can guess who didn’t make the 2nd round — me! When the poetic dust settle it was “Brock Wizard” in third place while Ghost Writer & Shannon “in the money” Shoemaker battled it out, & Shannon pulled out the dick (poem) to win (with me in an exalted position as muse = when in doubt pull out the dick poem).

Lots of beer, lots of poem, lots of fun. 1st & 3rd Tuesdays at Valentines on New Scotland Ave., Albany, NY — 7:30 PM, $5.00 for a stamp on a selected body part. See AlbanyPoets.comfor full info.

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