Nitty Gritty Slam #7

Nitty Gritty Slam, December 6

Judge & Score Keepers Adding it Up

As the most documented reading in Albany (or elsewhere) my comments are a bit superfluous, but then no one else has my opinions (or cares about them for that matter). Plus I got there late.

Poetyc Vyzonz was just coming off the stage before a smallish audience & even smaller field of slammers (4-4-2) tonight. The other contestants were Shannon Shoemaker, Elizag & Kevin Peterson performing as Succulent Baby Toes.  In spite of Kevin/SBT’s 30 in the first round, the better poems of the night were Elizag’s “Meatball,” a continuing commentary, & Shannon’s second round poem beginning “My name is Shannon Shoemaker, I don’t do slams…”. Although I also rather liked SBT’s final round piece on religions & living in the moment, albeit somewhat formulaic.

It should be noted that Shannon has finished in the money in 6 of the 7 Slam’s she has participated in & seems like a “shoe-in” for the Slam team if the organization decides to go on the road.

Check out the detail here.

It happens on the 1st & 3rd Tuesday of each month, at Valentines rock ‘n’ roll emporium on New Scotland Ave., in Albany, NY with open mic at 8:00pm, slam about 8:30pm, $5 which supports the prize money.