NGS #7

NGS #7 Results – A Rainy Night in Albany

NGS #7

We had a small, but mighty crowd at Valentines for the seventh installment of the Nitty Gritty Slam. The rain and sudden cold weather kept some poets away from the heat of the spoken word, but those who did make it out were in for a treat.

The open mic portion of the show featured Thom Francis, Dan Nester, Bless, and Leslie Michelle sharing some new and older pieces. The slam was not the traditional “8-4-2” format that we have gotten used to due to the turnout, so we had a “4-4-2” that saw Kevin Peterson (as Succulent Baby Toes) become a first time winner and have our first perfect score.

Round One:
Poetyc Vyzonz – 26.4
Shannon Shoemaker – 25.5
Elizag – 26.7
Kevin Peterson – 30

Round Two:
Kevin Peterson – 28.0 (Combined 58.0)
Elizag – 26.2 (Combined 52.9)
Shannon Shoemaker – 29.6 (Combined 55.1)
Poetyc Vyzonz – 28.8 (Combined 55.2)

Round Three:
Poetyc Vyzonz – 28.6
Kevin Peterson – 28.9

We have full results from the this and all editions of the Nitty Gritty Slam here and Dan Wilcox has a write-up on his blog here.

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