Dan Wilcox NGS8

NGS #8 Results – Meet the New Champ, Same as the Old Champ

Dan Wilcox NGS8

With just a couple of days before Christmas and on the first night of Hanukkah the poets gathered at Valentines for the eighth installment of the Nitty Gritty Slam. The night started off with a preview piece from Poetyc Vyzonz’s new CD followed by an open mic hosted by Mojavi that featured Daniel Nester, the returning Tom M.,  and a few new faces including Kat SoPoetic.


Again this time around we did not have the traditional “8-4-2” slam that we have all become accustomed to, but we did have a “6-4-2” and for the first time we have a two-in-a-row winner with Kevin Peterson. In fact, the top three were the same as NGS #7 two weeks earlier with Poetyc Vyzonz and Shannon Shoemaker taking second and third.  Here is how the slam broke down.

Round One:
Elizag    – 25.8
Poetyc Vyzonz – 26.6
Tom M – 25.5
Shannon Shoemaker – 26.2
Kevin Peterson – 29.3
Dan Wilcox – 25.5

Round Two:
Kevin Peterson – 29.3  (Combined 58.6)
Shannon Shoemaker – 28.9  (Combined 55.1)
Poetyc Vyzonz – 28.8  (Combined 55.4)
Elizag – 27.9  (Combined 53.7)

Round Three:
Kevin Peterson – 29.7
Poetyc Vyzonz – 28.8

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