Email From Satans Daughter

D. Alexander Holiday’s new book, “Emails From Satan’s Daughter”

Email From Satans Daughter

Local poet / writer D. Alexander Holiday has a new book available entitled, Emails From Satan’s Daughter, which you can order now. The book, about dealing with bullying in adult life and particularly in the workplace, also features some local notables to be on the lookout for.

Monsters. We all have them around us in one form or another, from the little bully in the schoolyard or the bigger bully next door or the bully at work and on the street. Some of our monsters appear to us as our parents or other “guardians” or adults and some are other siblings and strangers. These monsters can be quite real…, they can be touched, seen, and heard. They haunt us during the day and they come to bed with us when we are ready to go to sleep. Some of these monsters are created for us by television, magazines, and comic books, monsters like the Alien creature that was always after Sigourney Weaver’s character Ripley, or the things in the cavernous hell-like holes in The Descent (1 and 2) movies.

Monsters…, whether they be the Power Ranger variety or some creature out of a really good horror novel or movie, comic or the heart pulsing kind, and either human or imaginary, these creatures leave their scars behind…if you can survive their brutality. Mr. Holiday would like you to turn the pages and meet a few of his monsters…one in particular being…

And if you are paying attention, you will notice that the photo on the hardcover version of the book is from Dan Wilcox. Holiday says that he is “grateful to local poet and activist Dan Wilcox for taking the author’s photo for the hardcover version of the book.”

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  1. Just stopping by to look things over and it looks great. The new site is exciting and Thank You (all) for the posting about my new book and the other excellent work you’re doing to make many of us look so good.

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