3 Guys From Albany On Tour

3 Guys From AlbanyGot this from Dan Wilcox about the upcoming 3 Guys From Albany tour and information on how you can watch it live on your computer.  Ah, the combination of poetry and technology is fantastic!

As part of our Colorado/Wyoming tour to get to Albany Wyoming as 3 Guys from Albany–our 12th of 18 U.S. albanys–This Sunday, May 3, we will be on a colorado tv show that also streams live to the world via yr computer.

If you’ve never heard us….or haven’t heard us in a while…or seen us…

We go live on CCTV 54 Sunday at 7 pm Mountain Daylight Time.  The show will be streamed live on the internet. That means anyone anywhere can view it

Sunday’s Show LIVE at http://cctv54.org


Our complete itinerary, in case you are in the area:
May 3 – Louisville, CO – Appearance on the Poets Co-op, CCTV 54, 7:00PM
May 4 – Albany, WY –   (somewhere, sometime)
May 5 – Cheyenne WY – The Albany Restaurant, Bar and Liquormat, 1506 Capitol Ave., 7:30 PM
May 6 – Denver, CO – Glovinsky Gallery, 800 W. 8th Ave., 7:00 PM, free (for information:  303-587-4237)
May 7 – Loveland, CO – Loveland Museum, 503 N. Lincoln Ave., 7:00 PM, donation (for information:  970-962-2410)

See us in an Albany near you.

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