The Dan Wilcox Open Mic Commentary Round-Up

Dan Wilcox Welcome back to the Dan Wilcox Open Mic Commentary Round-Up.  This week we have Dan’s comments on Shaun Baxter’s open mic at the Night Sky Cafe and a special report from Miss Mona about the Allen Fisher reading at the UAG.

Allen Fisher Reading at UAG Gallery, October 12

I asked my old friend, Miss Mona, to cover this event for me while I was in Philadelphia. Miss Mona used to comment on the gossip scene in Albany years back & has just been growing old since.

Zounds!, October 17

The monthly open mic at the NightSky Cafe on Union St. in Schenectady, with our host Shaun Baxter. I note that Shaun seems to have responded to fact that he is not the shortest open mic host by producing the smallest open mic flyer, just over 3×4 inches. He started us off with Raymond Carver’s “Where Water Comes Together with Other Water”, then challenged us to parody William Carlos Williams’ “This is just to say…”, you know, the plums-in-the-fridg poem.

Be sure to check out Dan’s blog for more on the poetry scene here in Albany.  Dan also has a post about a recent visit from Charlie Rossiter (of the Three Guys from Albany).