Dain Brammage, The Poet Essence, and AlbAny Poets Honored By Prysmatic Dreams

Dain Brammage, The Poet Essence, and Albany Poets were honored on Tuesday night by Prysmatic Dreams at the 2006 Muse Awards.

Dain Brammage received the award for “Best WW CD Cover” for his design of the Freedom Mix tape.   Dain was also awarded “Most Inspiring Poet “and “Performer of the Year”.    The Poet Essence was presented with the “My Way Award”.  Congratulations to Dain and the Poet Essence for their honors and their work in keeping poetry and spoken word alive.

Albany Poets, as an organization, was presented with the Muse Award for “Best Regional Organization”.  We want to thank everyone over at Prysmatic Dreams and The New Word Order for this award and taking notice that “poetry lives in Albany”

For more information on the Muse Awards and a list of all of the winners this year, go to www.prysmaticdreams.com/ and clicking on the button for 2006 PD Muse Awards.

Link to 2006 PD Muse Awards