Dan Wilcox Has a New Blog

Albany poet, photographer, activist, open mic host, and all around good guy, Dan Wilcox, has started his very own blog.  In a recent annoucement on his email list, Dan says:

“I knew about Blogs & I visit some interesting literary ones from time to time (like Pierre Joris’ Nomadics blog), and some friends had already created there own personal Blogs. While I hate the term (it sounds like something the plumber finds in a cracked toilet in a student rental apartment), I decided it would be a way to put out my comments on local readings & my poems as well. So I’ve created my own Blog, finally, at http://dwlcx.blogspot.com.

I’ve been getting it ready, posting a few entries in advance of going public, & now invite you to “DWx,” my Blog. Please visit it whenever you are out & about in Cyberville. I’ll try to keep it interesting — & brief. I’m still playing with it, may vary the layout from time to time, & there some browser issues with getting photos on it, but I’m in it for the words & ideas, not the vacuous strutting as on MySpace. I just hope it doesn’t become a literary cyber Golem.”

Head on over there and read Dan’s poems and more at http://dwlcx.blogspot.com