Aimee Wright Clow

St. Rocco’s Reading with Aimee Wright Clow and St. Rocco’s Founders

St. Rocco’s Reading for the Dispossessed for June with Aimee (Harrison) Wright Clow, Alexis Bhagat, dgls.n.rthschld, & Kenning JP Garcia

THIS WILL BE AN OUTDOOR EVENT At Gabi’s Garden / People’s Park – corner of Grand St. and Wilbur Street

We will have amplification. And at last, we will have refreshments again! Masks are recommended, but no longer required. There will be a few chairs, but if you can bring your own chair that’s great and helps everyone with social distancing.

This is a free event. Donations are welcome.

AIMEE (Harrison) WRIGHT CLOW is a book designer and writer in Durham, NC. A co-founder of St. Rocco’s reading series, and a past editor at Essay Press and Small Po[r]tons Journal, she is the creator of the book arts project A Brief Map of Albany (Utilities Included 2019). Her writing and videos have appeared with PANK, Reality Beach, The Lifted Brow, Can We Get Our Ball Back?, A Gathering of the Tribes, and other journals.

ALEXIS BHAGAT is a writer living in Albany and a founding member of St. Rocco’s Poetry Collective. He believes in knowing poems by heart and wants to send you a letter.

dgls.n.rthschld is a poet provocateur who lives in Albany, NY. In addition to writing good poems and publishing them in established journals, he organizes the reading series at Zinc Bar in Manhattan and is a founding member of St. Rocco’s Poetry Collective.

KENNING JP GARCIA is an anti-poet and diarist and founding member of St. Rocco’s Poetry Collective. Kenning is neither man nor myth but enjoys a good origin story. So, Brooklyn is where xe began and Albany is where xe hopes not to end although endings do not frighten Kenning. Endings are merely a gateway to upgrades, sequels, and remastered re-releases. In the time between the initial and the impending, Kenning writes chronicles, humor and lyrical narratives, including So This Is Story (Shirt PocketPress), They Say (WEST VINE PRESS) and Playing Dead.




Jun 19 2021


4:30 pm - 7:00 pm

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People's Park
Grand St., Albany
St Rocco's Reading Series


St Rocco's Reading Series
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