A Spoken Word Celebration Event: The Me nobody knows

A Spoken Word Celebration Event: The Me Nobody Knows

Register to compete at www.pureinpoetry.com

The event will take place on Zoom.

This is a 2 round slam where your poems will be judged by 5 random members of the audience in the zoom call primarily on your content, but also on your performance. Each poet will have a 5-minute time limit for each poem. We will drop from 12 poets to 8 poets in round 2.

Important!!! There is a theme for this slam. The Me Nobody Knows is that person inside with dreams and hopes that are tightly held passions that are rarely shared with anyone. It is the personae that no one sees, but the personae you would really like to have one day. Are you really the class clown, or is that an act you put on for others? Are you a quiet and reserved person, but really wish sometimes you would be the one that everyone in the room notices? Are you stuck in a job you hate because it was expected of you, but you would really like do something different, explore options for yourself. Does everyone think you are shy and afraid to step into the limelight, but inside you are really a wild child waiting to get out? We all have external personalities that we share with the world, but deep inside is that who we really are or who we really want to be? Express yourself, your true self!

First place $75, Second place $50, Third place $25


Aug 30 2020


3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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